Mullyanagiri Hills to Bababudangiri Trek

Its August 3rd 2012, Friday, I decided to trek any one of near by hills. After much brainstorming, with enough confidence decided to trek Mullayanagiri Hills and Bababudangiri. Reason was simple and stupid as it was highest peak in Karnataka(1950 meters). Booked 3 tickets in KSRTC Airwat at 11.40 PM to Chikkmagalur as my two of my friends were to join. Since it was trek of 15km decided to buy few things

  1. Light rain coat (Since it was monsoon time)
  2. Cashew Nuts, Badam and Dry Grapes and Apple(If we lost in our way).

We reached Chikkamagalur Saturday early morning at 4.30 AM. We took an auto to a nearby hotel(REST -IN ) as there were no rooms available for a day, we took room for 2 hours. It was 500 Rs.  We freshened up within hour. We left room by 5.30. As there were no hotels to eat nearby we came back to KSRTC Bus stop have our breakfast. We had delicious Idli and Vada. We packed same thing for our afternoon meal. We hired a cab to reach Mullayangiri foothills(For 250 Rs).Its around 15km from KSRTC Bus stop.

This is the point where cab guy dropped us. We started to climb aournd 6.30. With initial interests we took enough pictures. As we ascend the fog and drizzling invited us with both hands. Initial trek was moderate. As we ascend with few 100 meters we could see entire city (Chikkamagalur) areal view. There is clear way to climb up.  We followed this path around 2 kms up. After certain point winds started to blow up heavily so its difficult to walk fast. We were not able to see most best view of mountain as most of time mist covered our way.

Nandi Idol:

               After prolonged one hour we reached a point called Nandi Idol. This idol is like small temple under a tree. Tree is pleasure treat to eyes.



            After another half an hour we reached a cave.  This cave was deep then our initial thought. We did not deep inside the cave, as we did not have torch. It was dark inside.

Mullayangiri Summit:

                      We ascended further to reach the top of hill by 8AM. There is a temple of shiva at the summit. Its too cold the top of hill. There is one more nandi opposite to temple. We could see only two person on the top of hill. One guy who is looking after temple and other one was forest officer who handling signal system over there. There did not speak anything to us. We sat in temple for while. It was heavy wind and raining outside. We sat inside the temple for a whiel. It was tough to stand in front of temple as rain was piercing our skin like a needle. There is no food available at the top of mountain. So we ate dry fruits that we carried. We asked forest officer the trek path to bababudagiri. He showed the path behind the temple.


                   Here begins grass hills ranges trek. There is clear path which shows the way. In between path disappears and reappears.  We followed as winds started to blow more. This part of trek I cherished a lot. Mist had covered entire peak. So we could not see 50 meter far from us. Its all up hill then downhill. For an hour we trekked then took rest in some rock for a while. Then started to trek further, After one and half hour, we could here vehicle horn sounds near by. So we sure that we were on right path.  We finally reached a place called vivekanda Statue by 10.30.  We saw a forest check post over there and main road. We got down near check post. There was one guy. He told there is trek path to bababudangiri It is only 2 kms from there. He showed us one way we followed his instruction.

                   From here confusion started as we went further there was no way to go. We tried our best to climb up rocks and clean our way but efforts went in vain. We decided to come back to check post. So we asked again this official but told there is another way if we go ahead in main road and then start ascending a peak. So we walked in main road for another  2 km until we found a way up. We climbed up the hill and the  again started finding way, after a half hour again were lost with no where to go ahead. With much panic we descended back to main road. By this time it was 12PM. All our energy levels were down. We decided to trek in main road only. So we started walking after half a hour we found a fellow and asked how far is bababudangiri through main road only to found its 10km  further. So we decided to stop and stopped a jeep and went in jeep to Bababudangiri.

                         It was too cold up there also with wind was blowing like anything. Our raincoat helped us a lot. We went up only to know that Datta pita was closed as work in progress. We came back there was no jeep over there. We stopped on PWD vehicle and asked them for lift. They took us down till their office and asked to go in road for another  2 kms so that we can find bus stop. We started coming down in main road it was 3 km till we reached Attingundi bus stop.  We hired a jeep at Attingundi for 650 Rs to on our way back to Chikkamagalur. Buy 5 we reached KSRTC bus stop and had dosa over there. We took KSRTC deluxe bus to reach bangalore by 11.

Test of Nerves: This trip tested our nerves as how strong we were. Cold wind tested our lungs how long they were. 🙂 Overall It was thrilling trek where I turned into a serious trekker.



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