These days we hear lot about doomsday and it’s supposed to be happening this year 2012 December 21st. interestingly it’s on my birthday. As a curious case of mine, it required my attention. As analysis begun the mind bombarded with obvious questions?  What, When, Why? Without any surprise I had answers for former duos. But latter pricked needle into my consciousness. No where it is mentioned why world should end.

Let us understand this.World means universe which consists of earth, earth’s atmosphere and earth’s surroundings which are other planets and solar system as whole. What are we? We are human being carrying body which is nourished by earth.  Mother gave birth to us. So with all respect we do take care of her till her life span ends. But earth also played a magnificent role in nurturing our body and mind. As an infant we crawled across, as a kid we played across and as an adult we enjoyed being in this beautiful earth. But have we ever cared for even a single moment for mother earth? Have we cared for fresh air we breathe?  Have we cared for water we drink? We assumed all these as our patrimonial to us.

Every human being thought went same way, without showing any gratitude to mother earth.  Significant years have been passed earth has become more polluted and water has been diluted. As motherly role earth gave as much as it can. But even it has physical structure, which has to go through change. So some or other day it has to end. Actually it is our luck earth still exists. It should have ended long ago. It only exists because planet has other animals then human beings who don’t have brains and they just live.

At least now everyone should plant one or two plants and make sure that it grows into tree. Let us thank this earth for sustaining for millions of years and further. Let us make oath to take care of our mother earth. Forget about doomsday, let us celebrate earth’s day and give as much as we can give to this earth.


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