Pursuit of Happiness vanishes in expression of happiness

Pursuit of Happiness vanishes in expression of happiness.

As I meet lot of people everyday, I always like to involve in depth conversation. My general understanding from all conversation is same. Nobody is happy neither with their job nor with their manager. They take lot pride to be querulous about their job. They keep complaining or nagging about their fate.

As analyze I conceived it as human tendency towards negativity. Everybody likes negativity. We like to watch news about murder or clash or terrorist attack. Instead we could have watched a news about development activities or Amendment under discussion or biography of freedom fighter. Our inclination towards negativity leads us to complain all the negative impacts in our life. Because In a day they might have encounter so many good incidents like they might have seen beautiful lady in office premises, or they might have listened  to new song or they might have watched a thrilling movie or they have had delicious Dosa as morning breakfast. Instead of all these beautiful events or much more then this, we tend to be whiny. We take lot of pride to be petulant.

Life is more expression of happiness then pursuit of happiness. If we endeavor to enjoy small events, we will see big difference in our life. For example instead of being fretful about traffic jam try to change your office timings. Make small contributions to society or humanity like ‘Always say no to ATM cash withdrawal receipt or prefer E bills instead of paper based bills’. These small acts by everyone will be like buffer fly effect.

Its the time to change within then outside. Lets live in better world with synergism.


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