Everlasting views of selfish intellect

Every individual adores celebs. Even they show lot of respect to their closed ones, especially friends. Now lets take a scenario where one of adored celeb goes around with another celeb. In a similar situation one of your friend start going out with girl. After some months let’s think both them have ditched their girlfriend and caught a new one.

Now lets understand our behaviour. We take lot of pride tell our friends about celeb’s new affair.But we make disparaging remarks about our own friend’s affair. Here our mind shows double standards on our views.

If we analyse the above situation, we can see selfishness our mind. In case of celeb, mind finds lot of happiness by explaining celeb’s lasciviousness. In case of our own friend, our mind  finds itself being competitor with friend’s mind. Our mind tries to end the frusturation of being defeated in its own field. This leads in making derogatory comments about your friend. So that our mind finds little happiness by bringing them down in your conversation.

Ultimately our mind being selfish for happiness in its own hypocritical world.


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